World-class Warrington business celebrates 18 remarkable years

Same day courier service

Today Team, which is based at Warrington’s Taylor Business Park, is celebrating its 18th birthday. It’s a major milestone for a business that began as a sole-operator, man-and-van courier service, backed by a loan from The Prince’s Trust.

Jamie Boyd was that sole operator. A sportsman whose rugby career had been curtailed by injury, he drew on all he knew about commitment and the delivery of outstanding service – values which have underpinned the growth of a remarkable business. Today Team is now a multi-million pound operation and the go-to provider of expertise in swift, reliable delivery services. The team is justifiably proud of its problem-solving, can-do approach and it numbers critical industries, such as those in the energy sector, amongst its diverse client base.

We asked Jamie Boyd about the factors that had contributed to the company’s continuing growth and success. He told us that right from the outset, he had brought a belief in world-class service to the fledgling business. “Even a tiny business can excel,” he said. “And then you just keep on, doing the right things, time after time.”

It’s a simple summary, but it doesn’t begin to describe the effort, investment and determination needed to ensure a business thrives in a competitive arena. Nor does it give credit to Boyd’s belief in the power of a strong, professional team.

Delve a little deeper and you discover that Today Team has made substantial investments in technology and that it continues to upgrade its systems. It has recruited expertise, but it also has a program that develops the skills of every individual. Its management structures and methods have been designed with support from noted Human Resources specialists. And, of course, there is the crucial factor of the business’s reputation for service and reliability.

Boyd describes service and reliability as the business’s best marketing, saying, “Doing the right thing matters. It’s not always easy but we enjoy the challenge, and our loyal client base certainly appreciates it!” We asked him, how many times over eighteen years, Today Team had “gone the extra mile” for their customers. He laughed as he answered: “Every single day.”

Today Team provides secure, reliable and fully insured same-day, dedicated and freight forwarding services to clients ranging from SMEs to Blue Chip companies in the UK, Europe and across the globe. Contact the team on 01925 202101.