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Working with us

We have been operating since 2005 so we’re confident we have a good understanding of how the logistics industry works! We know what clients expect when they place an order, from the original booking being made through to the standard of paperwork they expect back to release payment for work completed.

Our objective when working with suppliers is a long lasting and positive relationship which runs smoothly.

99.9% of the time this is the case, provided you can do the basics below correctly:

On the job, our expectations of you:

  • Fully read the confirmation information that we send to you, so that you understand what is required by the client to complete the job properly.
  • Communicate any problems as soon as you learn about them – clients won’t pay waiting time for things they’ve not had the chance to solve – a couple of quick phone calls can have the goods released / unloaded within minutes, not the two hours the FLT driver has told you.
  • Stay polite and professional. We’re in the problem-solving business, as are you. There can often be challenges with things not being ready or objectives changing, it’s part of the job.
  • Always have the correct kit with you – PPE / straps / blankets / blank POD notes.  
  • Time sensitive deliveries – we understand that your ETA can sometimes change due to factors outside of your control, such as traffic, so it’s much better to call us rather than just arrive late and make us all look unprofessional.
  • Do not co-load goods unless you have had explicit permission from our logistics team.

VERY IMPORTANT – Proof of delivery notes (PODs)/ Transfer of ownership documents

This an extremely important part of any delivery which can often cause issues for us and our clients. If you are not given a delivery note at collection, then you MUST make your own. If we don’t receive a satisfactory POD from you then we won’t be paid, which means you won’t be paid.

Every order is only complete when our clients (or us) have a good copy scan of a full and proper proof of delivery note in our possession.

This document confirms the transfer of ownership from collection points to delivery points and can often been requested by clients on submission of invoice or at a later date if there is a query. We have known situations were POD’s have been requested for multiple pallet deliveries, months after the delivery. If we have a satisfactory POD on file, we can send to them, we never hear of the issue again.

If there is a problem with the POD it can take hours to resolve and, in some instances, lead to insurance claims. All because a document that takes less than two minutes to complete wasn’t done properly.

Each proof of delivery note must contain the following, all on one document-

  1. Full collection address (not just parts of it)
  2. Full delivery address (not just parts of it)
  3. Full description and quantities of the goods you have collected and delivered (very important and often missed off)
  4. Signed and printed name of the recipient of the goods
  5. Time and date of delivery of the goods

If delivery points are unwilling to complete stages 4 and 5 due to Covid 19, then you must do so on their behalf and mark the delivery note with ‘Covid signature’.

The only time that you should ever leave goods anywhere without getting a full and proper POD is on the rare occasion the client wants us to post documents. Even then we need a picture of both the document and the door you post the documents through.

Getting paid

Getting paid is simple, send one email to with the following:

  1. An invoice that clearly states the 6-digit reference we gave you on booking, this will be on the text / email / booking confirmation we sent to you when giving you the job.
  2. Ensure your bank details are clear on the invoice
  3. A good copy of the proof of delivery note, that ticks all the boxes above. You should always keep the hard copy original on file as we will occasionally need these posting to our office.

Our accounts team do everything through the above email address so please do not send any documents via any other email / system – unless you were specifically told at the time of booking the client needs the hard copy POD’s back and you need to post them.

Not been paid as expected?

Provided that you have followed the basic requirements above you should of have been paid on time. There is always the possibility of an error our end so please follow the steps below to resolve things:

  1. Stay calm, we’re not in the business of ripping anyone off and will resolve the issue with you. It might not happen magically within a couple of minutes, but we will look into things promptly for you.
  2. Do not call the logistics team mobiles or our sales lines – people in those areas of the business cannot help with accounts queries and you’re wasting your time and theirs.  
  3. Double-check your bank statement – often suppliers have already been paid but have missed the payment.
  4. Thoroughly check your email inbox – have you already had an email from us about an issue with your invoice or POD?
  5. E-mail with as much information about your issue – ideally clearly stating our job reference so we can quickly look into things for you and resolve your issue. Copies of invoices and POD’s are always useful at this stage also.