Who else but Today Team…

During January Inverness Airport had to be closed as a plane had slid on the runway when landing. This caused major delays and the airport had to be closed.

One of the UK’s major airlines had an aircraft booked in to get repaired, however the parts were at Blackpool airport and the aeroplane only had a limited amount of time before it had to be back in the air. As Inverness airport was closed there was only one team that they could call to get the parts there on time.

As soon as the call was made at 10:00am we had a driver on his way to Blackpool Airport collecting a new propeller. With a 360 mile drive ahead of him he got straight on the road, despite the ice and snowy conditions he had the goods offloaded by 7:00pm.

However the job still wasn’t complete…our driver had to wait for the aeroplane to be repaired so he could take the broken propeller back to Blackpool. The following day after an early night in his cab he got the broken propeller on board and headed back, completing the job around 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoon travelling over 700 miles within 48hrs, much to the delight of our client.