What have you learnt in the 21 years since college?

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1998, it seems like a long, long time ago. It was the year Google was founded, Tony Blair was Prime Minister and Today Team was 7 years off making its first delivery. It was also the year that our Managing Director; Jamie was at a student at Warrington Collegiate (as it was known back then).

Roll the clock forward to 2019 and having bounced back from the rugby injury scrapheap, and built a growing business in Warrington, Jamie was honoured to be asked to speak at Warrington & Vale Royal College Further Education awards evening about his achievements since leaving college.

Speaking about what he’s learnt in the time since leaving college, the students hopefully got some ideas and pointers from Jamie’s messages around hard work, lifelong learning and persistence as they take their next steps in life and careers.

Talking after the evening, Jamie said: “It’s always nice to be asked to tell my story and hopefully I helped the students by sharing my experiences and learnings. It also made me feel quite old as I didn’t think it had been 21 years since I’d left college!”

The talk must have gone well as Jamie has been asked by one of the tutors at the evening to speak to students when lessons start again in September – great work Jamie, good of you to give something back!