What goes up must come down – Charity parachute jump

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Jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday morning! Some of our brave team – Jamie Boyd, Dawn Bostock, Ryan O’Leary, and Jack Sherwood have all decided to take the challenge of a skydive to raise money for Warrington Disability Partnership

On Saturday, August 10th, the Today Team skydivers will be waking up nice and early to get to Whitchurch in Shropshire with the challenge of falling from 10,000 feet just a couple hours away. Each person will be assigned an instructor upon arrival and given some basic training as sky diving is a first for everybody. Once the training has been done, its time to suit up and get ready for the plummet. At an average freefall speed of 120mph, it’s safe to say the team is a little nervous.

We asked Ryan O’Leary why he wanted to do the skydive “Doing the skydive is something I’ve always wanted to do, it’s for a fantastic cause and it’s been on my bucket list for a long time so I’m looking forward to it”

All money raised will go to the Warrington Disability Partnership. The charity has over 26 years’ experience of developing and delivering mobility and independent living services in the North West and beyond.

Dave Thompson, CEO of the charity had this to say about the fundraising “We always appreciate local businesses getting behind our charity and after Today Team have hosted two fundraising fire walks for WDP, it’s great to see them taking on another challenge this year with a parachute jump, great work Jamie and team!”

Our target is to raise £2500 as this will help the charity to help with their ongoing support, if you would like to donate then please click the link.