We know we shouldn’t laugh – but we can’t help it!

same day courier service

To tickle your funny bone this month – that was a humerus nod to Hallow’een, in case you’re wondering – here’s a great story from Glasgow, where this car was spotted driving along Aitkenhead Road, one of the city’s busiest roads, and unsurprisingly called in to Scottish Police.

Clearly, this guy’s in need of Today Team – he really should have called a courier!

The driver was charged and given advice on any plans for future furniture transport. The Police also tweeted the picture with the hashtags #TheMoreYouLookTheWorseItGets and #WeNeedTheManWithAVan.

Locals enjoyed the story, although some thought it was so bad, it had to have been photoshopped. One gentleman, Gordon Struth, suggested that the placement of the football almost took the picture into the realms of modern art.

At Today Team here in Warrington, where Jamie will tell you with a twinkle in his eye that the business started off in exactly that way – he was the man with the van – we’re pleased to say that your same-day delivery requirements are in very safe hands. However your goods are travelling, they never travel like this!

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