Unusual load of the month?

Not one of our usual stories however it does still does include an unusual load…

After a 300-mile long journey from Birmingham Airport to a royal naval air station near Helston –Cornwall, royal navy pilot Lt. Nick Grimmer heard “meows” coming from his car the day after his long trip.

After looking in the boot, under the bonnet and under the car Nick still couldn’t find the kitten so he called upon his colleagues to help him dismantle his car.  After taking off the rear bumper they were greeted by the tiny tiger striped kitten who has now been named as Tigger.

It is thought that ‘Tigger’ had most likely climbed inside his car while it was parked at Birmingham Airport for several days.

Nick and his colleagues have now launched their next mission called ‘Operation Tiger Kitten’ where they plan to find Tigger’s owners via social media.

To check out the pictures of “Tiger” click here.