Top 10 most inconsiderate driving habits

Driving in the U.K can be fun at times, but what annoys you the most when you are behind the wheel?

According to an RAC insurance poll of more than 2,100 motorists these are the top 10 most inconsiderate driving behaviours.

Out of the 2,144 drivers polled, nearly 6 in 10 (58%) drivers felt that not signalling clearly, or failing to indicate was their top inconsiderate action, ahead of lane hogging on a motorway (56%) and driving too close to the car in front (51%).

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “There are a variety of behaviours at the wheel that motorists class as being inconsiderate, most of which involve deliberate acts which are blatantly thoughtless, but the top answer of ‘not indicating clearly’ is probably more due to misunderstanding or forgetfulness.

“The confusion that it can cause is no doubt responsible for, at worst, accidents and at best, needless wasted seconds of waiting only to find out the driver wasn’t really going where you thought they were.”