Today Team’s ‘Tales from the Road’

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You may have seen Today Team’s delivery vans out and about on the road, but have you ever wondered what’s inside? Our new monthly feature gives you exclusive access behind closed doors, so let’s take a look at our quirkiest – and most memorable – deliveries in January 2018!

‘Aisle’ be back: Imagine turning up at a wedding with no trousers… unthinkable, right? When one customer called us in a panic – desperate for a same day delivery from the tailors – we immediately jumped behind the wheel. Unfortunately for him, the tailor then sent the wrong colour, so we had to make a second trip to pick up the correct ones!

Back of the net: There are few occasions more exciting for a football fan than an FA Cup clash, so when one poor bloke found himself without his tickets for the United game against Derby County at Old Trafford, guess who was sent to collect them for him?

Muscles in Brussels: Most of our work is on the UK mainland, but this month we had a great trip out to Belgium, as well as two deliveries to Belfast.

Picture this: As a photographer, you’ve staged your set… your camera is poised, but then you spot that one crucial detail is missing: the products you’re meant to be capturing! Cue an emergency run for the Today Team!

Lift off: Ever get that sinking feeling when you realise a lift has broken down? There are few things more frustrating, except finding out the critical repair parts are in Brighton, which is more than 300 miles away from Bangor! Today Team to the rescue again!

Feeling fragile: Answers on a postcard for this one… Care to guess what was in the fragile delivery we transported to Liverpool Football Club?

Taste of success: In big business, production lines need to operate around the clock, so when a major food brand needed an urgent delivery to prevent its factory from grinding to a halt, we were happy to get our teeth into the job!

‘Snow’ problem: Other big names refused to courier much-needed parts to fix a grounded aircraft in Scotland because of the snow, but Today Team got the job done – much to the relief of the client!

Going Dutch: Ferrying high-value pipework to The Netherlands for specialist repairs; then returning it to Yorkshire… it’s all in a day’s work!

What adventures will February bring? Join us again to find out!