Jack shortlisted for a second award in recent months

Today team apprenticeship program

Today Team’s very own Superboy, apprentice Jack has once again been nominated for an award – this time, it’s the prestigious Apprentice of the Year in the High Sheriff’s Awards.

Having gone stratospheric last year with his generally awesome approach to life, he’s down to the last 6 shortlisted candidates for this award.

If he were to win it, it potentially helps him move onwards and upwards even further as it gains him sponsorship for a degree in Management at the University of Chester.

After a daunting interview by the Award panel in Chester, the totally undaunted Jack seemed to feel that he’d done justice to his not-inconsiderable skills. It’s good to have a sense of self-worth!

If you actually ask the modest young person what his top three skills are, he has to think about it for quite a while. But in the end, he tells us he’s a hard worker, a great team player and a creative thinker who puts lots of effort into his coursework.

What are his plans for the future? To progress. To keep learning.

He really is going from strength to strength in the office with his Traffic Office Apprenticeship, and is waiting, unassuming but quietly confident, for the arrival of 26 March, to find out just who has been awarded the High Sheriff’s Apprentice of the year.

Jack – good luck, mate. Win or not, we think you’re a legend!