Today Team: investing in people, year after year

When Today Team’s founder and MD, Jamie Boyd, decided to move away from day-to-day operations and focus on developing the business, he knew his people were ready to handle the change. Back in 2017, he’d talked about his ambitions with Jayne Chadwick of HR consultants People Puzzles. Together they worked on a programme of staff development that won a prestigious award and that continues to this day. New qualifications gained and promotions earned are a frequent cause for celebration within the team.

Now, as Today Team embarks on the next stage of its plans, Boyd is once again working closely with People Puzzles. This time the expertise of Simon Schumann-Davies, a specialist in strategic HR and Business Improvement, will be a key contributor to the company’s progress.

Boyd, who founded the business eighteen years ago – as a sole operator, supported by a grant from The Prince’s Trust – believes that to grow a business you have to grow the people within it. The senior team must have both the skills and the right kind of attitude. What’s more, every individual must feel that they are valued and that what they do makes a difference.

Creating that kind of culture isn’t a one-off exercise. It’s a long-term, continuing commitment to the development of both the team and the individuals within the team, but that commitment is paying off. Today Team is surpassing expectations in its growth plans and Boyd is happy to credit People Puzzles for the smooth progress made. He said, “Simon and the team have made a dramatic difference. People Puzzles understands what a growing business needs and their support has undoubtedly accelerated Today Team’s growth.”

We asked Boyd whether there were plans for an in-house HR function at Today Team. He smiled and said, “We already have a people plan. We’ve recruited from outside when it’s been appropriate, and People Puzzles have made sure we’ve taken on people who share our vision and values. We trust our HR advisors and know that if and when we reach that stage in our development, they’ll help us make the right choices.”

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