Today Team: Bring your best, become your best

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Many employers demand a lot from their people. Sadly, those demands are often unreasonable, with employers wanting a lot but unwilling to put much, if anything, into supporting the development of those who work for them.

At Today Team, our vision is different. Yes, we want and expect our people to bring their best, but our culture supports them. It recognises that everyone is different – gifted with unique strengths, but also experiencing unique challenges. That’s why, to help our people tap into their enormous potential, we have tailored, personal-development programmes. The effectiveness of these is clear, both in the qualifications our team members collect and in the service that we offer our clients.

We know our team is committed, but when we ask people what motivates and inspires them, sometimes they find that hard to put into words. Occasionally, they’ll talk about an adventurer. Maybe they had a great role model in a sibling or grandparent. Sometimes it’s someone from a sporting arena whose persistence and determination they admire.  But while it’s easy to recognise the qualities and values someone else possesses, it can be harder to believe that you’re also capable of achieving great things.

That’s why last week, we invited Martin Robert Hall to talk to the team. He’s an award-winning high-performance coach and an expert in the psychology of performance. We knew that his belief in the power of a growth mindset would be a great fit for our team, and indeed, the buzz his talk generated was exceptional. But, more than that, that buzz is already translating into ideas and actions. His talk was more than rhetoric, more than soundbites, more than stories of courage against all odds. It was instead an insight into the things that hold us back and proof that we could if we wanted to, overcome them all.

And, of course, we do want to do that, because this team isn’t just about delivering exceptional service to our customers. It’s about being there for each other and supporting everyone to reach their full, brilliant potential.

Martin Robert Hall himself said “Today Team is a great business to work with. They have clear and strong values and they live by them, which makes them a great business to work with and really compliments the work I do. Most people are far more capable than they realise and sometimes an external view can help unlock those blind spots and help them to develop and grow. As the Navy SEAL’s phrase goes ‘we don’t rise to the level of expectation, we sink to the level of our training’!”

Today Team is a team. We’re ambitious with high standards and an exciting vision and this is a fantastic place to work, but it’s also the place where each one of us has the chance to grow, to shine as individuals and become our very best selves.