Tired of hearing “you’ve missed the cut off time”?

courier near me, same day

Does this sound familiar? Have you contacted your same day logistics provider only to be told you’ve missed the cut off time for that day? We’re hearing more and more customers tell us about this problem, which is causing a lot of frustration.

One customer told us about their experience, they had contacted their supplier at 11.30am via email, the email wasn’t picked up by the supplier until after 12pm to which they replied saying the cut off time for same day is 12pm, the delivery will now be tomorrow! We couldn’t believe it, not only is 12pm an early cut off time, but the customer had in fact contacted them before 12pm so should have had their item delivered that day.

Another customer told us they had been told the delivery would now take place the next day because they had missed the cut off time, but would also be charged a fee for holding the item overnight!

At Today Team we do things differently

We don’t have ‘cut off’ times here at Today Team, we will always do our very best to get your item delivered the same day, it’s what we do! So, if you call us at 4pm and need something delivering within the next couple of hours, we can do it.

The only restrictions we have on same day is travel time to delivery point and if the destination address will be open when the item is delivered. If you have a bespoke out of hours delivery, give us a call, we can chat through your requirements and take it from there.