Thousands of drivers fined under new law

New figures show the police have handed out around 10,000 on the spot fines in one year. This all falls under a new law which allows police to hand out £100 fines to inconsiderate and careless drivers.

This crackdown on anti-social driving has seen drivers fined for offences such as tailgating, middle lane hogging and undertaking which have also resulted in drivers being given three penalty points on their licence.

The police stats also revealed that it wasn’t just drivers on the motorway getting fined-

A driver in Norfolk was fined after failing to move over to the left to let the queuing traffic get passed his slow moving tractor. Another driver in North Wales was also fined for having a dirty windscreen and another in Cumbria was fined for having a mattress across the passenger seat.

Tickets have also been given out for wheel spins, handbrake turns, driving down roads closed for repairs and driving through a puddle splashing pedestrians.

The figures show 9,852 penalty notices were handed out for the careless driving crimes in the 12-months after the new powers came into force in August 2013.