The worst places to own a car in the UK

The worst cities for car crime, vandalism and dangerous driving in the UK have been revealed

After two decades of decline, car crime in the UK rose by 9% last year alone, but where is the worst place to own a car?

At the top of the list, of course is London. Quite aside from the horrors of parking, congestion and extortionate parking permits, Rias insurers have identified it as a hotbed of car crime too.

The level of vandalism is staggering with one in every three car owners having their car vandalised in London. The capital is also the third worst place for car crime behind Manchester and Leeds. It also takes third place for the most unsafe roads behind Bradford and Bristol.

Rias looked at the level of car crime in the UK’s ten most populated cities, and ranked them from the worst place to own a car to the best:

  1. London
  2. Bradford
  3. Leeds
  4. Manchester
  5. Birmingham
  6. Sheffield
  7. Bristol
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Glasgow
  10. Liverpool

Approximately 70,000 cars are stolen each year, however only one in ten people are being reprimanded for the crime.

The worst place for car crime emerged as Manchester (with 198 crimes per 10,000 cars) followed by Bradford (176), London (162), Liverpool (152), and Sheffield (122).

The top five for vandalism emerged as London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and Edinburgh. And the top five for unsafe roads emerged as: Bradford, Bristol, London, Leeds and Sheffield.

Source: Rias