The World’s Most Dangerous Road

We don’t have many dangerous roads in the UK especially compared to this one that has a 15,000ft descent.

Yungas Road, grimly known as ‘Death Road’ took up to an estimated 200-300 lives each year in the late 90’s, with cars falling over the edge at a rate of one every two weeks.

Surrounded by mountainous terrain and terrifying precipices, the winding road stretches 42 miles from La Paz to Coroico, connecting the Amazonian rain-forest to the capital city.

From La Paz, Yungas Road climbs to around 15,260ft at La Cumbre pass, before gradually descending to 3,900ft at the town of Coroico. The drop in altitude means travellers experience both chilly conditions in the Altiplano highlands and hot humid conditions in the rain-forests below.

For the past 20 years the road has been modernized with two driving lanes, asphalt pavement, drainage systems and guardrails.

However, with all these improvements the infamous road is still adding to its death toll as more than 22 cyclists have lost their lives since 1998.

Thousand’s of tourists visit this road every year for the amazing views and waterfalls.

There are three faces which have also travelled along the road which you might recognise above.