The World’s first flying car has arrived

As we all know traffic can be a real grind. There is nothing worse than being stuck on your clutch in gridlocked traffic especially when you are on your way home from work.

However, you can now avoid all traffic by buying the world’s first road/air legal flying car.

After years of fantasising, it is now possible to place an order for a flying car that meets every flight and road regulation. And you could be driving or flying to work by this time next year (That’s if you have £425,000 spare).

The Dutch manufacturer PAL-V has spent 16 years developing ideas and creating numerous concepts for the first road legal flying car, which they have now released their first commercially available model called PAL-V Liberty.

The Dutch flying car is a two-seat three-wheeler using a Rotax dual-propulsion system, the driving engine producing 99bhp and the flying one generating 197bhp.

On the ground, with the rotor blades packed away rather neatly on the roof, the Liberty has a top speed of 100mph and has a range of 817 miles.

Once converted to flight mode, which takes around 10 minutes, the Liberty can reach a top speed of 112mph, can climb to a maximum altitude of 3500m and has an air range of over 300 miles.

Can you see the flying car market ‘taking off’ in the near future? We can’t but we’d love have a few of these amongst our fleet.