Surge in international deliveries

Although the year has only just begun we have seen a surge in international shipments with us arranging a number deliveries going across the globe.

So far we have delivered…

  • 9 Pallets going 670 miles from Wiltshire to Orbe, Switzerland.
  • 1 Pallet going 790 miles from Merseyside to Orbe, Switzerland.
  • 1 Pallet going from Warrington to Hillerød, Denmark.
  • 1 Pallet being imported from Muttenz, Switerland to an address in Halton.
  • 4 Pallets going 288 miles from Kettering to Dublin.
  • A fragile wall sign going 845 miles from Manchester to Spreitenbach, Switzerland

If we can help with any of your import or export, whether it be by road, sea or air then we are happy to help, please call our team on 01925 202 101 or email