Royal Delivery

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II will be having a jolly good Christmas thanks to the Today Team Express Transport team.

Last week our ops team took an urgent call for a delivery of wine going to Buckingham Palace, with first class service and excellence at the fore front of the clients mind, there was only one company they could call and we were more than happy to help.

As you would expect their security was at a high level, they wanted to know every single detail about our driver from his name, age and birthplace. As Today Team often delivers to high security locations we were more than ready.

With the booking taking place at 9am in the morning we had our driver collecting the wine by 10:00am. With a two and a half hour drive ahead our driver got straight on the road, when approaching Buckingham Palace we had to get our vehicle checked by their security team but he was soon waved on. Unfortunately the delivery note wasn’t signed by ‘Queen Lizzy’ however we all look forward to receiving our RVO medals.

All of us at Today Team wish Her Royal Highness and the Royal family a very merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the wine!