What Rugby can teach us about pivoting and agility

Jamie Boyd presenting his story to Swinton Lions

This month, Jamie Boyd, MD of Today Team, shared his inspiring story at a business networking event hosted by Swinton Lions RLFC. His journey from aspiring professional rugby player to leading a successful same-day critical logistics company is a testament to the power of pivoting and agility, both in personal life and business.

At the age of 24, Jamie faced a sudden and unexpected end to his rugby career due to injuries. This could have been a devastating blow, but Jamie saw it as an opportunity to pivot.

He founded Today Team, a company specialising in time-critical logistics, where precision and speed are paramount. The skills Jamie honed in rugby—resilience, quick thinking, and teamwork—proved invaluable in the fast-paced logistics industry.


The journey wasn’t short or easy but he was determined not to look back with regrets but to look forward with a plan.

With the help of The Prince’s Trust and a business plan, Jamie launched his “man and van” delivery service in 2005. There have been challenges along the way. From the recession in 2018 through to the pandemic in recent times but Jamie has tackled them all head-on thanks to the lessons learned from his Rugby playing days.

You might think that rugby and business have little in common but Jamie believes that there are more similarities than you realise.

Setbacks are a big part of both worlds

When individuals encounter adversity, they have the opportunity to adapt, learn, and build inner strength, much like the way muscles become more robust with regular workouts.


Both worlds are all about getting the right team assembled and playing well together. It’s not easy but it is crucial to success.

The right coach matters

The right mentor can be a game changer – it’s a critical relationship. Having someone in your corner supporting you and challenging you is key to success

Jamie’s story is a powerful reminder that businesses, like individuals, must be willing to pivot. Whether it’s responding to market changes, technological advancements, or unexpected setbacks, the ability to adapt is crucial for long-term success.

The ethos of agility is embedded in the DNA of Today Team and continues to drive our innovation and excellence in the fast-paced world of logistics.