Performance Psychology Fuels Today Team’s Winning Mindset

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Having swapped his rugby kit for a sharp business suit, Today Team boss Jamie Boyd has graduated from the playing field to the boardroom, where his attitude, vision and mindset has already resulted in seven-figure financial success. To ensure he continues to perform at the highest level, Jamie has now sought the consultancy advice of Martin Robert Hall – a leading authority in the field of performance psychology, whose work has been recognised by Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I spotted Martin’s debut book, Optimize Yourself, on Amazon and – having liked what he had to say about the parallels between the sporting and business worlds – I looked him up on LinkedIn,” recalls Jamie.

“I was pleasantly surprised to see he lived locally to me in Manchester, but even more coincidentally, my own mentor had posted a highly positive testimonial for Martin! It seemed fated that we would work together, and so we arranged to meet up.”

Initial sessions focused on goal-setting, with Martin supporting Jamie to define what he wanted to achieve both personally and in business, as well as to develop 12-month and five-year action plans.

“As a specialist in the science behind what drives high performance, I encourage people to be their personal and professional best,” says Martin, who learned high performance methods from training with the Navy SEALs – considered to be the most elite and mentally tough group of people on the planet.

“Having consulted for both top athletes and ambitious business leaders, it’s always fascinating to draw parallels between the two worlds. Jamie’s will to win may have been honed during his time as a professional rugby player, but it’s an attitude and a mindset that he has most likely had all his life – making him perfectly suited to careers in both sport and business.”

Martin’s initial high-impact coaching sessions with Jamie proved to be so beneficial that the same day courier entrepreneur decided to make them available to his entire workforce.

“Even though companies have a responsibility to look after the welfare of their employees, I can say from experience that not many people are prepared to invest in team-wide coaching at such an early stage of running a business,” adds Martin, who now attends Today Team’s Risley headquarters once a month.

“I know from speaking to Jamie’s colleagues that they really appreciate having a boss that’s investing in them as people… who wouldn’t want that? Whether we’re working one to one or as a larger group, I have the freedom to explore both personal and work-related goals with each member of staff, as well as looking at communication, leadership and personality styles.”

Crucially, Martin’s performance psychology work is aligned with the organisational development strategy that Jamie has co-created with HR specialist Jayne Chadwick of People Puzzles Ltd. He routinely meets with Jayne and has contributed positively to the ongoing conversation around developing Today Team’s company values.

“I am thoroughly impressed with Martin’s work and I am thankful to him for his invaluable input into our team’s progress to date,” says Jamie. “He is known for supporting business people to build a winning mindset, develop mental toughness and provide inspirational leadership. As Managing Director of the leading same day courier service in the North West, that’s exactly what I aim to cultivate.”

To find out more about Martin, his books, coaching and high-impact presentations, visit or telephone 0798 908 1659.