Over £2000 raised


Yesterday we finally took to our bikes and completed the journey from Manchester to Blackpool, it’s 60 miles in total and a day none of us will forget for a while!

Setting off from Manchester at 0730am (in the rain) we worked our way through Lancashire and finally finished in a sunny Blackpool in the afternoon (we won’t tell you the time but we didn’t break any records)

We were proud as a team to all finish as there was quite a few people that retired on route it seemed and there was certainly a sense of relief as we all crossed the finish line!

Most importantly we have raised over £2000 for The Christie Charity and the pot still is still growing it seems, if you want to make a donation please click this link https://www.justgiving.com/Today-Team/

There has been a bit of a debate today in the office about our participation next year but I have a funny feeling we might be doing it again (provided our saddle soreness has settled down!)

Thanks again to those that have sponsored us.