No(r)way we could let our client down

Urgent deliveries are something we deal with every day here at Today Team HQ, so when we recently had a call from one of our anxious customers, who advised their production line had ground to halt due to a break down, we were ready to jump to the rescue.

Our customer advised that the only place he could obtain a replacement part for the machine that had failed was from a supplier in Norway. They advised that for every hour the machine was not working, the financial implications were phenomenal due to the loss of production, so it was crucial we worked ASAP to get the item to his factory!

We acted fast and reassured our customer that we would arrange for the part to be collected from Norway within a few hours. After our driver covering 1927 miles with the constant updates that we can provide in these situations, the part was delivered safely within two days. The machine was soon up and running and the production line was back in action. Needless to say we had a very happy and relieved customer with the quick, efficient service we provided.