Nearly 70,000 drivers given points despite not having a licence

Recent figures obtained from the DVLA has revealed that there are a massive 70,000 unlicensed drivers who have been given ‘pointless’ penalty points.

A total of 69,353 people have been caught so far driving illegally driving in the UK, if caught driving without a licence you could be faced with a fine of up to £1,000 and risk 3 to 6 penalty points on your DVLA record.

One of the unlicensed drivers has a massive 40 points on their DVLA record despite not having a licence, according to figures obtained by a freedom of information request.

Steve O’Connell who obtained the figures from the DVLA has said:

It’s astonishing that anyone caught driving without a licence can get away with a fine they may not pay and penalty points that do little or no damage to their future driving prospects. This form of punishment falls well short of fitting the crime.

“I was stunned to see there have been thousands of unlicensed drivers caught in London over the past five years – many seemingly on more than one occasion. We need strong deterrents to stop people getting behind the wheel of a car they are not qualified to drive.”