Manchester Printers Choose Today Team To Keep The Pace

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In the fast-moving world of retail, things can change in a matter of minutes as shops try to keep ahead of their customers buying habits and make sure they are attracting them when it’s most important.

Sunny weekend suddenly forecast? (Yes, we do get the odd one in Manchester!) Then BBQ related items will in high demand in coming days. It’s one thing getting the products on shelves but how about posters, labels and promotional leaflets that need to be designed, printed and distributed within a matter of hours?

It’s important for any commercial printers involved in this area of business to have a logistics partner that they trust to react when needed and make sure all the deliveries hit those all-important, no fail deadlines. They simply can’t deliver late their promise to get the promotional material in store for the right time.

This is were Today Team step in, giving our Manchester based printing client peace of mind they can call on us 7 days a week, have a collection within minutes of booking and know their goods are whizzing their way to destination ASAP.

When asked why Today Team, our client had this to say “We’ve stayed loyal to Today Team for years now because they get the job done, it’s a great no fuss service. I have enough to deal with managing my client’s expectations and making sure production runs smoothly without worrying about the transport side of things. They have overcome every challenge I have thrown at them, including a project delivering hundreds of posters across the UK one Easter with little to no notice”

Demanding deadlines and multiple deliveries round the clock? All in a day’s work at Today Team