Do you know how to maintain your car?

A recent survey carried out by the Auto Trader on 2,500 motorists showed that 1 in 3 drivers don’t know how to carry out basic car maintenance tests. The survey revealed 32% of people have never checked their oil filter.  And 36% of motorists couldn’t identify where to put the brake fluid, while a quarter couldn’t find the engine coolant and 10 per cent were unable to locate the oil filler cap.

The survey revealed motorists got confused over some of the most simple car parts:

48% couldn’t identify where the windscreen washer reservoir was

39% didn’t know where the oil filler cap was

7% couldn’t identify the oil dipstick and the battery

And 1 in 10 didn’t even know how to open the bonnet!

According to Gavin Hill-Smith at the AA, as many as half of all breakdowns could be prevented by regular servicing and maintenance.

“The basic regular checks are fairly simple and don’t take long, so it’s a good habit to get into – the car’s handbook is a good place to start,” Hill-Smith says.

“As well as potentially preventing the cost and inconvenience of a breakdown, there are obvious safety benefits, and your car will hold its value better if it’s been well looked after and has got a full service history.”

He adds that basic checks should be carried out once a fortnight and before any long journey.