Journey from a logistics apprentice to Logistics Team Manager

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Here at Today Team we have been working with apprentices for a few years now, we believe that hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way to grow talent and to develop a motivated, skilled and qualified team.

Mark Hurd who is our Logistics Team Manager, started off his career in logistics through an apprenticeship scheme at a freight company based in Barnsley. Here’s his story on how he rose to the top through a great mentor and how he’s now helping develop apprentices to give them the head start to become the next logistics superstar.

How it all started

After finishing school, Mark decided to spend a couple of years travelling all over America and South America which allowed him to experience different cultures and meet new people. After returning home he decided to sign up for an apprentice programme and was hired by a freight company in Barnsley.

Once Mark had settled into his new apprentice role, he made his ambitions clear to the company MD, his determination and attitude impressed the MD who set out a progression plan for Mark.

He started out as a Business Administration Apprentice working in Customer Services and successfully completed a Level 2 NVQ course. It was at this point he knew he needed to further his education to help him progress towards management level and be successful in his career.

Mark decided to sign up to The Open University for a Business Management Degree (with Honours) and chose to commit to full-time online studies whilst also working full-time so that he could complete his degree faster.

After 18 months Mark had developed a great understanding of the operation from working directly with customers on the service team, it was at this point he was moved to the Pallet Network Team.

It didn’t take him long to realise there were issues with how the team was being run so Mark created a report for the MD and proposals for improvement. Shortly after Mark was promoted to the Network Services Supervisor and after 2 years was promoted again to Customer Service Manager, it was around this time he also completed his degree.

Soon after, Mark moved to another freight company in Manchester to gain experience in a larger organisation, after 2 years he left to join Today Team as the Logistics Team Manager.

Working with Apprentices

During his time in the customer service team, Mark assisted the Customer Service Supervisor in the training and development of new apprentices (whilst still being an apprentice himself). Mark enjoyed the experience of helping someone in their learning journey, and seeing his training and mentoring come to fruition in new apprentices.

When Mark was promoted to Network Supervisor he requested for the apprentice he had trained previously to be moved to his team and gained approval to hire a new apprentice.

Mark set-up personal development plans, regular 1-2-1’s and continual/gradual training, he knew that to get the best out of the apprentices they needed as much support as possible.

The success of the training and development led Mark and the MD selecting the former apprentice to be promoted to Network Supervisor, following in Mark’s footsteps.

When Mark moved to another freight company in Manchester he again worked closely with a young apprentice and successfully guided him to graduation with distinction and to full-time employment as a Network Coordinator.

Once he’d settled at Today Team, Mark immediately spoke about hiring an apprentice with our MD Jamie Boyd. Jamie was fully onboard with the idea, having hired apprentices for Today Team in the past.

At this point Adam Aspinall was interviewed and hired and has integrated perfectly and certainly exceeded Mark and Jamie’s expectations so far. With a full progression and personal development plan in place, Adam has the support he needs to become the next logistics superstar.

After Adam’s successful integration into Today Team, Mark will be looking at taking on another apprentice in early 2022.