Is Pollution Driving You Nuts?

Birmingham courier service

Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. And Birmingham City Council want to combat urban pollution with their new transport plan, which allows you to go into but not through the city centre.

They’re also investigating the possibility of rerouting the A38 and creating a 20 mph speed limit on more residential roads.

More walking, cycling and public transport usage are certainly desirable outcomes. However, a lot of people are up in arms, saying that the city will end up in gridlock.

We’re a 24 hour courier service. Lots of Today Team clients need things delivering in and out of Birmingham, so it’s definitely a transport plan we’re keeping an eye on, to see what impact it’s potentially going to have for us, and for our clients.

Manchester, of course, has similar issues. With the highest rate of emergency admissions for asthma in England, and 152 roads in breach of the legal limit for NO2 levels, Andy Burnham really wants to do something about it. His clean air zone is NOT a congestion charge, it appears, but a charge for those who don’t want to – or can’t – play ball with the zone’s requirements.)

Brummies will soon be paying £8 a time to drive into their city centre.

We’ll let you know the plans for Manchester as they unfold. But given that about 1200 Mancs die prematurely due to respiratory problems created by air pollution, it’s clear that something has to be done.