Is it time to invest in a dash cam?

Credit: Kal Friis

You may have noticed while driving around that more and more motorists have a camera in their cars and on their helmets, the number of motorists installing dash cameras has more than doubled in the last year to 2.9 million.

So why should you consider getting a dash cam?

Having a little camera on your dashboard can cut your insurance and help prove that an accident was not your fault, as well as helping you prosecute dangerous drivers. There are also some cameras that record 24/7, catching motorists scraping or bumping into your car while you are out shopping.

While capturing your incredible driving skills dash cams help protect you from “crash for cash” scams which add between £50 and £100 on everyone’s annual premiums.

Director of RAC insurance has said the following;

“Dash cams give drivers an added level of protection to guard against unexpected malicious events which they might otherwise struggle to prove. By having a visual record, it is far easier for an insurer to come to the right conclusion and avoid the affected motorists being unfairly penalised by a potential fraudster.”

So will you be adding a dash cam onto your Christmas list this year?