Investing in Leadership Excellence with our team

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence and growth, we are pleased to announce that two of our management team are set to elevate their leadership skills through week-long ILM courses in 2024. These courses, one focusing on Leadership and Management, and the other on Coaching and Mentoring, represent our commitment to fostering a dynamic and skilled leadership team.

Murk Hurd, our Logistics Team Manager, is gearing up to immerse himself in the ILM Leadership and Management course. With a wealth of experience in the fast-paced world of courier services, Mark recognises the importance of effective leadership in ensuring seamless operations and client satisfaction.

The week-long intensive course promises to equip Mark with the latest tools and strategies for strategic decision-making, team empowerment, and organisational excellence. From honing his communication skills to mastering the art of transformative leadership, Mark is eager to bring back invaluable insights that will not only benefit his personal growth but will also contribute to the overall success of Today Team.

Mark said this ahead of the course “I am looking forward to developing my skills with the help of Today Team by joining the ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management course.

A core value of Today Team is being ambitious and determined to grow and I feel this course will progress my capabilities with the aim to improve my day-to-day management, strategic thinking, and leadership skills.

I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about being an effective mentor as we have a real passion for providing employees with the opportunity to grow, improving my mentoring skills will only enhance our employee’s progression.”

Jamie Boyd, our Managing Director is set to embark on the ILM Coaching and Mentoring course. Recognising the pivotal role of mentorship in professional development, Jamie is enthusiastic about enhancing his coaching skills to better guide and nurture the team.

The week-long program will delve into the intricacies of effective coaching, providing Jamie with tools to inspire the team, foster a culture of continuous learning, and maximise individual potential.

As a company that values the personal and professional growth of its employees, Jamie’s participation in this course aligns seamlessly with our commitment to excellence in customer relations and service delivery.

As they embark on these week-long journeys of learning and self-discovery, we anticipate the positive impact these courses will have on our operations, customer relations, and, ultimately, the satisfaction of our clients.