Plans to increase fines for using a hand-held device while driving

Police have seen an increase in the number of people using mobile phones when driving over the past few years with 1 in 20 drivers having been caught committing the offence.

Recent figures revealed that at least 500,000 motorists are using their mobile phones while driving every day and the number of phone related crashes is rising every year.

The research revealed that using a hand-held device is more distracting than alcohol or drugs, with drivers twice as likely to take their eyes off the road to read and send texts and even browse the internet.

So should the government increase the fine to prevent drivers from picking up their phones?

At the minute if you are caught using a mobile phone you can face up to 3 penalty points and a maximum fine of £100.

If your case goes to court you can be disqualified and get a maximum fine of £1,000. (£2,500 for drivers of buses and heavy goods vehicles)

The government is planning to increase the fines in 2016 which could see drivers facing a £150 fine instead of £100 and four penalty points instead of three. Penalty points would also rise from three to six for drivers of large vehicles.

Would these higher fines help prevent you from going on your phones or do you think they need to be higher?