How not to pass your driving test – some interesting approaches

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The day of your driving test, months of lessons and practice all resting on that all-important forty minutes, one wrong move and it could be back to hitching lifts from Mum or Dad.

Once you have slaved away for months or maybe even years going through the numerous lessons, working it around college or work schedules, the joy of passing the dreaded theory test, you will are then left with one remaining hurdle to jump – the practical test.

Although it’s never easy to pass and you never really feel fully prepared, please make sure you give yourself half a chance unlike the unlucky few below who didn’t quite make it…

Driving the wrong speed limit One unfortunate driver who attempted to drive the whole test 10mph over the limit, of course, it didn’t end well.

Failing to spot cyclists Another unfortunate driver failed to spot the cyclist going about his normal day nearly colliding with him at a junction, it’s safe to say this driver didn’t get the result he was hoping for.

Crashing the car Please make sure you are checking your mirrors when looking to change lanes as another unlucky test goer found out in the worst way possible by colliding with a van when attempting this manoeuvre.

Examiner getting involved in your test This is a real issue and an instant fail as the driver got his angles so wrong the examiner had to grab the wheel mid-test.  

Show and tell questions – You must make sure you are well up to date with all elements of the vehicle, one driver couldn’t open the bonnet during a show and tell question.

Emergency stop – Always make sure you know your pedals and have planned for every situation as one driver realised during his test, accidentally slamming his foot on the accelerator rather than the break during an emergency stop.

Hand brake – Always check your surroundings when you begin your test including inside the vehicle, i.e. the hand brake, as one driver was struggling to understand why he couldn’t begin his exam until the examiner pointed out he must release the hand brake to begin.

Let’s hope the next attempt for the people above went a little better, although maybe not, a man from Stoke on Trent took 37 attempts to pass his test.