How far will Pedro go? Win £150!

From 5th October to 30th October ‘Pedro the Pumpkin’ will be helping out one of our drivers with your urgent deliveries.

Within those 25 days Pedro will be up and down country racking up the miles. To celebrate Halloween we are giving you the chance to win £150 by simply guessing the total miles Pedro has travelled.

The Rules

  • One guess per quotation/booking
  • Winner will be announced in the first week of November
  • Email your guesses to along with your quotation or job number
  • The winner can choose if they want £150 off their next invoice, £150 in vouchers or they can donate the £150 to a charity of their choice.

Make sure you check out our social media sites as we will be giving you daily hints. Also if you see Pedro on the road take a picture send it to us.

Good luck! 🙂