Greenhouse Gases in Action?

same day courier service

In case you thought you’d seen it all – if you don’t happen to be out and about on social, you HAVEN’T.

Click the link and have a good laugh.

Bolton Road, Marland, Rochdale. A Ford Fiesta. Who knew that a Fiesta was capable of such feats of transport?

Question: How the hell did they get it on the roof-rack without bending the frame? Impressive.

Question: How far were they intending to travel – without being picked up by the police? Lunacy? Quite possibly.

Question: Was there a bet involved? What money would you have put on the top of the greenhouse hitting telegraph wires? It nearly did…

“Guts and planning,” says Tom Lawley.

We agree.

We probably won’t be delivering any of your precious cargo in quite the same way.

We do charge slightly more than a fiver, it’s true.

But we can guarantee that your goods won’t be delivered by Dastardly and Muttley on top of a Fiesta!