Four of the biggest cities to ban diesel vehicles by 2025

The mayors of Madrid, Paris, Athens, and Mexico City have all made a joint announcement that they are working to ban diesel vehicles from their cities within 9 years in aid to help reduce air pollution.

According to the World Health Organisation, three million deaths per year are linked to exposure to air pollution and the soot from diesel vehicles is regarded as one of the biggest air pollution contributors.

Could London be set to follow the ban?

UK campaigners are calling for London’s mayor to commit to phase out diesel vehicles by 2025. Campaigners have also demanded new clean air zones in all of the UK’s cities and major towns.

A spokesman for the mayor has said: “The mayor is delivering hard-hitting measures to rid London of the dirtiest diesel cars long before 2025.

“His immediate plans include charges for the most polluting diesel cars in central London from 2017 and bringing forward and extending the Ultra-Low Emission Zone which removes all but the newest Euro 6 diesel vehicles from as early as 2019.”

Jenny Bates, of Friends of the Earth has said: “This bold move to get rid of diesels, the most polluting vehicles, is exactly what is needed. We need cleaner vehicles and fewer of them. Getting rid of diesel is essential and we must also give people genuine alternatives to driving.”