First time pass? Or did it take you 30 attempts?

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The day of your driving test; months of lessons and practice all resting on that one important assessment, one wrong move and it could be back to square one.

Would it have helped your composure if you knew that chances of you passing were higher depending on where you lived?

According to the stats, roughly 45% of drivers pass first time, while some others need more than 30 attempts. Newly found research has suggested it matters where you take your driving test.

Every three months data is announced on pass rates all around the UK, the range of pass rates goes from 30%-80% in some areas. This suggests that learners in some place’s chances of passing are 4 out of 5 whereas in other areas it’s less than 1 in 3.

According to the latest stats (for April to December 2018), Britain’s highest pass rate is at the driving test centre in Inveraray (Scotland) were 84.9% of learners passed the first time. Other areas with high pass rates include Pitlochry (Scotland), Gairloch (Scotland).

In comparison to these high pass rates, there are also areas that have the lowest pass rates in the UK, these include; The Pavilion (Birmingham), Speke (Liverpool), Birmingham (South Yardley). Pass rates fall as low as 29.6% so the question is why are these rates so low compared to the 80% + areas?

From the data, it looks like people living in rural areas are passing quicker. This might sound obvious; it could be down to less traffic and fewer hazards. However, many driving instructors believe there are many more factors that can affect your ability to pass your driving test, such as the weather and time of day.

So, from all the information presented, what do you think? Do you think it matters where and when you take your driving test? Would trying a quieter test route work in your favour?