Fast Food just got even Faster…and a little bit Merry!

same day courier service

Across the ocean, Australia has just broken all the rules by creating a new KFC Drive-Thru.

With a nifty order-ahead app, you can get hold of the finger-lickin’ good stuff much more quickly, with no need to queue behind a line of cars – just pull up to one of the 5 booths and drive away with everything your heart desires.

It’s a pilot, being tested in Newcastle, NSW, with another one planned for just across the border in SA.

Click on the link if you want to see it in action…

But a little closer to home, Today Team would like to give a Merry Christmas shout-out to Maccy D’s in Ashton-under-Lyne, who are opening up between 8.00-10.00 to provide bacon butties and hot drinks for the homeless, for the second year running.

Apparently, within 10 minutes of manager Jonathan Hinsley announcing the plan to open, 15 staff had volunteered their services. Christmas spirit in action!

They’ll be working alongside two other local charities, Greystones Tameside and We Shall Overcome Ashton, who both provide help for the homeless or those in danger of becoming so, amongst other things.

Today Team boss Jamie can remember his early days, when he was just a man with a van – he lived on fast food!

Meanwhile, everyone at Today Team would like to wish the staff at MacDonald’s Ashton, along with all Today Team’s valued customers, best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and profitable New Year.