Dublin on the double

At Today Team HQ really urgent shipments are a fact of life for us, so when we received a call from a large company recently asking for something they thought was impossible to do, we jumped straight into action and put the wheels in motion.

The customer advised that all the servers at their Dublin site had gone down and was costing the company huge amounts of money due to stopped production. He told us that the only place he could obtain a replacement from was Warrington. As the call continued it turned out that the servers needed to be transported to Dublin by the next morning and the goods needed to be transported via a dedicated HGV due to the volume of the kit. Within an hour or two of speaking to the customer we had arranged for the goods to be uplifted from Warrington and on the ferry to Dublin for the very next morning.

When we called the customer to advise that the goods had been delivered with no issues he was over the moon. They told us that if the servers had not been delivered on time, the financial implications would have been huge to the company and it could have cost them a VIP customer. As always we were happy to hear such great feedback for the services we provide and for us, it’s all in a days work!