Driving in winter!

Driving in winter can be a test for all drivers, even the experienced ones! Whether it’s gently falling snow, a bit of rain or icy roads, we have tips for all driving conditions.

Of all seasons winter requires the most care and preparation to prevent breakdowns and accidents. With darker/colder nights your battery is put on high demands due to you using your window wipers, heaters and lights. The average car battery lasts around five years and replacing one near the end of its life time can save a lot of time and problems. To avoid your battery cutting out on you make sure you use these useful tips:

  • Turning off your rear heated window once cleared
  • Avoiding short journeys as this wont give your battery chance to charge fully
  • Switching off all electrical items before leaving your car
  • Getting your battery tested yearly

Make sure you are regularly checking your cars engine coolant and keeping it topped up with anti freeze which will prevent a frozen/cracked engine block that could cost you hundreds of pounds to repair!

Before the snow comes get your brakes, tyres, lights and wiper blades checked at a local garage. Keep some warm clothes in your car and make sure you always have plenty of petrol as we all know when there’s snow there’s traffic!

When driving in snow and ice make sure you take your time leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front as your stopping distance is increased by up to x 10! Avoid wheel spinning by setting of gently and keeping your revs down. For more useful tips watch the video below!