Driving costs motorists £190,000 over a lifetime

Yes that’s right driving costs you £190,000 within your lifetime and that’s only an average.

A study by Blackcircles broke down the average cost of a car from when you start learning until you’re aged 80 years old and it shows how the costs can quickly add up.

So how do we spend £190,000 on driving?

The biggest expense is fuel, which comes in at £80,808 over a driver’s lifetime on the road.

Next biggest expenditure is the cost of buying a car itself. Over a lifetime, a driver could be expected to fork out around £57,795 on cars.

Insurance is the third cost concern for drivers, with an average spend of £23,970 over a lifetime. The survey also revealed the average cost for insurance is £380.49 per year.

Other significant costs include tax at £5,777, MOT tests at £2,659, remedial work to pass an MOT test at £759, and regular servicing at £5,890.

Drivers will also spend £3,771 on breakdown cover, £2,008 on tyres, £4,249 on parking and £257 on parking fines.

Minor costs include de-icer at £153, new batteries at £421, driving lessons at £329 and two driving tests that cost £66.

A spokesman for online tyre retailer Blackcircles, which calculated the figures, said: “At first, it’s a big surprise to find out how much a typical driver is spending just on owning a car nowadays, but when you really break it down and look at how much you’re paying yearly for things like insurance, tax and MOTs it actually makes a lot of sense.”