Do you know these road signs?

According to recent research, UK motorists do not understand one in every five road signs.

The study carried out by Kwik Fit in July 2016 surveyed 2,000 UK motorists and found that the average driver only understands 79% of road sign meanings.

The participants were asked to identify a number of key road signs and markings, but certain signs were largely misunderstood. For example, nearly 8 out of 10 participants didn’t know the sign for ‘End of minimum speed limit’.

Another sign that confused many people surveyed was for ‘All Vehicles Prohibited except bicycles being pushed by pedestrians’ with only 25% knowing the correct meaning.

The survey also found out that the public were no better at identifying road markings than they were with signs. Most shockingly 46% of the people surveyed did not know the marking for ‘Give Way’.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “The findings show that although many of us think we are good drivers, we are ready to accept that we don’t know the meanings of all road signs. Our research showed some surprising results, and indicated that there are some clear instructions and safety warnings which drivers are not picking up on when out on the road.

“While people can’t be expected to voluntarily retake their test, it would be a good idea for even those of us who have been driving a long time to make sure we really do know the correct meaning of road signs and markings.”