It’s Wednesday morning, it’s raining. Why get out of bed?

When Elon Musk said recently that he believed AI would replace every job, journalists jumped onto the story. Some people raised the question of the economics of this brave new world. Callers phoned into radio stations explaining why they were irreplaceable and talked about human qualities like empathy. A lot of people talked about the importance of purpose and connection for wellbeing. But, on a wet Wednesday morning, when it’s cosy under the duvet, it’s not always easy to see the benefits of work.

We’re all different. Some of us love to work. Others, let’s face it, only work because they have bills to pay, and we understand that. Work varies – every job has its highs and lows. At Today Team, we can have one day that feels like a barrel of laughs, but the next day is downright routine. Some days the job feels like a real challenge – a driver is stuck in traffic, or the customer has given the wrong details. On days like that, being part of a supportive team makes all the difference. It’s tough, but we’ve got both purpose and connection.

Ever since we started in 2005, Today Team has been just that, a team.  Standards are high. We have clear values and are committed to excellence. TODAY is about:



Delivering on promises

Ambition and

Your attitude when you come through the doors.

That last one, attitude, is key. We have brilliant systems. We serve great customers. We deliver nationwide and as promised. But it’s the attitude of our people that makes it all work so well. And here’s the question? Would you fit in at Today Team? When it’s a wet Wednesday, will you get out of bed to work out how to collect a critical delivery from point A and ensure it arrives safely at a very remote point B?

You probably want to know more. We’ll be straight with you. It’s how we do things.

  • We won’t promise you the earth, but we will pay you competitive market rates.
  • We won’t offer you a flashy company car, but other benefits we offer are more than respectable.
  • You’ll be recognised for the contribution you make. We have monthly and quarterly schemes. If you go the extra mile, it will be rewarded.
  • There’s a bonus scheme which pays out when we all do well.
  • Progression is more than possible. Around 80% of our people undertake development or training either in-house or externally. If there’s a cost involved, we’ll pay it.

We believe in people

Today Team founder Jamie Boyd is a big believer in learning and development – so much so that he’s pursuing a Strategic Coaching qualification. Other members of our team are currently on apprenticeship programmes, studying for AAT qualifications or following tailored ILM Leadership pathways.

So, could you work your way up to lead Today Team?  In theory, why not?


We don’t demand that everyone commits to development. Maybe you have other priorities. Maybe you’re happy as you are. That’s okay with us. If you’re willing to do your job, whatever that is, to the best of your ability, you’ll fit in here. You’ll be part of a team that makes it worth getting out of bed, even on a wet Wednesday morning.

Work is better when you have purpose, connection, and if it suits you, the chance to grow.

That’s what we offer.