Choosing a courier

What to look for and how you’ll benefit.

There are many courier services based in the UK or based overseas and operating here.

Making the right choice can make a huge difference to your operation and reputation, but when all couriers ‘promise’ safe, swift delivery how do you choose between them?

What should you be looking for and what benefits will the right courier deliver?

Here’s a simple guide:

Check delivery times

Often providers claim they can do a same-day service but check the detail. When a delivery is critical, you can’t afford to be messed about. If you call today, will they collect and deliver today?

Check coverage

Does the courier collect from your area? Do they travel to the intended destination? Are they happy to undertake significant journey times, travel on to Europe or further afield?

Does the courier have the right vehicles?

Fleets vary enormously. You want a courier with vehicle options appropriate to your needs. You don’t want your only option to be a 40-tonne wagon for a weekly delivery of a shoe-box-sized package.

Is pricing clear and simple?

Look for a courier happy to give you a firm, fixed quote and not a vague estimate. Avoid those who talk about ‘extras’ such as fuel surcharges or extra insurance.

Are your goods insured?

A responsible courier will always ensure your goods are insured when in their possession.

Does the courier instil confidence?

The courier’s staff should know their stuff. Even when they have a friendly approach, you should expect them to be professional with high standards of service.

What do others say about the courier?

Word of mouth can be a great way to find a brilliant courier service but check reviews and testimonials too. If others trust the courier, it’s a good sign.

Does the courier understand your needs?

Do they confirm delivery automatically or do they expect you to chase up the info? Do they insist on a credit account, or will they take a deferred card payment? Are they problem solvers who will go the extra mile to get you out of a sticky situation?

And the benefits…

  • A same day-courier service can be a routine part of how you operate or a one-off solution to a crisis, but when you find the right courier, you’ll find a string of benefits.
  • The big one is the obvious one: things get to where they need to be on time. Good couriers keep operations running. They keep customers happy. They help you keep promises.
  • A good courier is a key part of a great customer experience. When your customers trust your chosen courier service, it can boost your business.
  • When you can schedule collections, your operation can become more efficient.
  • With a trusted partner handling your deliveries, you can reduce your inhouse fleet, saving all the complications and expense.
  • Once you’ve found the courier you can rely on, there’s a lot less to worry about and you’ll enjoy more peace of mind.