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Smart Motorways – Hit or Miss? The jury is out

Despite the fact – because of the fact? - that they cost £15 million per mile to build, the jury is still very definitely out over whether smart motorways are a good thing, or the worst thing since the M6 was first created.   In…
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Is Pollution Driving You Nuts?

Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. And Birmingham City Council want to combat urban pollution with their new transport plan, which allows you to go into but not through the city centre. They’re…
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Manchester Printers Choose Today Team To Keep The Pace

In the fast-moving world of retail, things can change in a matter of minutes as shops try to keep ahead of their customers buying habits and make sure they are attracting them when it’s most important. Sunny weekend suddenly forecast?…
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Fine hanging over you? What you need to know

You may really like your Today Team air freshener. It hangs at a jaunty angle from your rear view mirror, filling your vehicle with its delicious scent. Today Team gave it you. It’s not just an air freshener. It’s a reminder of the excellence…