Case study

Local printer

One of our clients who work in the printing industry, providing a wide range of marketing printing services, lacked the capacity within their internal logistics team to meet the demand of their fast growing business.


The client had an established logistics team working mainly on local deliveries, however with increasing demand and winning bigger contracts there was a need to appoint a logistics partner to meet the growing demand, who could deliver goods nationwide at any time, keeping their employed drivers local and reducing the need to pay overtime to deliver further afield. The client had appointed another logistics company before contacting Today Team. The previous provider had struggled to cope with the demand of the contract and weren’t fulfilling the client’s needs.


It was clear to the client their current logistics provider were not working out, they were not able to meet the demand putting extra pressure on our client. As a result they got in touch with Today Team, they had a nationwide distribution problem that needed fulfilling at very short notice. Our team always put the customer first, so decided to work overtime on Good Friday to get the work done. They came in to Today Team HQ to sort out the packing, what needed to go where and allocate 12 drivers to deliver to each area nationwide.


The job was completed without any issues, the client was happy with the service provided, especially the quick turnaround. As a result Today Team became the client’s preferred supplier.


Using Today Team for bigger nationwide jobs meant the client could keep using their employed drivers for local jobs and not have to pay overtime for deliveries further afield. We also provided the client with an instant electronic Proof of Delivery (POD), this gave them piece of mind the goods were delivered on time to the right location. Our commitment of safe, cost effective delivery anywhere in the UK means all jobs are completed more efficiently resulting in a happy client.