Case study

Delivering in the construction industry

A client who works in the construction industry as an interior fit-out and refurbishment contractor, needed help with a new large scale project, they needed a logistics supplier who could be flexible to their needs and out of hours deliveries.


The client had signed a big profile project refurbishing and fitting out a number of banks nationwide. They were trying to source a logistics provider who could be flexible to their needs. They needed materials picking up and delivering to sites across the UK after 6pm when bank branches would be closed. The project would last 2 years so they needed commitment that the provider could keep up with the demand.

When sourcing a logistics provider they kept hitting a dead end, other logistic providers were too rigid and not willing to be flexible to their changing requirements. This left the client frustrated, the high profile project would fail if they didn’t find the right provider.


Just as time was running out, the client got in touch with Today Team, they talked us through the project and the unusual delivery requirements. The team were more than happy to help, the team have plenty of experience dealing with unusual and large scale projects.

The team reassured the client that we could be flexible to their changing requirements and that communication was key. They guided the client through the process to ensure the project ran smoothly.


The job was completed with 100% on time delivery, the client was over the moon with the service, communication and flexibility we provided.

The key to the success of the project was communication and flexibility, by being open to their requirements and talking through the deliveries, the project ran smoothly without any issues.


Using Today Team gave the client piece of mind that the deliveries would be carried out as specified, ensuring the project ran smoothly. Working with Today Team meant they weren’t dealing with a call centre, they were dealing with a dedicated, friendly team who have a wealth of experience to help guide the client through their requirements.

The client commented “ after hitting a few dead ends trying to solve our logistics challenge for a high profile client, it was great when we spoke to Today Team, they gave us confidence that they could cater for our needs.”