Does your car choice factor into your driving ability?

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Does your choice of car factor into how good (or bad) you are behind the wheel? An interesting survey sheds a little light on the myths of this much-debated subject.

Despite the fact that Ford drivers rate their abilities pretty highly, with a strong and certain 7.3 out of 10 (as compared with Volvo and smart car drivers scoring themselves at a 6.3), they rock up with the highest number of points on their licence.

A startling 44.6% of Ford drivers had points, according to the survey, which was carried out by car retailer, Peter Vardy.

No prizes for guessing that it was Volvo drivers – 75% of whom have no penalty points at all – who won the safest driver award.

The survey basically suggests that as drivers we rate ourselves much more highly than the other drivers on the road  – absolutely no surprises there.

Bad behaviour, however, isn’t solely confined to Ford drivers – you can check out a map of the UK here to get the picture: our nations worst-behaved drivers are found in Sheffield, it seems, with the best in Edinburgh. Have a look to see where Liverpool and Manchester clock in – you might be shocked. (Or you might not…!)

Intriguingly, it’s women who are more likely to be driving whilst disqualified (15%) rather than men, at 2 %.

But some things don’t change. According to TV channel Dave, last year’s prize for Most Inconsiderate Driver went to BMW M3 drivers. And guess what – they win again this year!

Do you believe the survey results? Or is it more about the driver themselves, more than the car they drive? We think it will be a conversation that will go on until we’re all flying around with jet packs on our backs!