Britain’s Top Ten Most Annoying Bad Road Habits

In a recent Kwik Fit survey, talking or texting on hand held mobile phones has come out top of our most hated bad habits while driving.

They spoke to over 2000 drivers and from a top ten that included failing to indicate, undertaking and last minute braking it was use of the mobile that got the top spot.

Researchers have found using a mobile while driving was as dangerous as being a quarter over the legal drink-drive limit so it’s no surprise that people voted it to number one.

The Director of Communications at Kwik Fit, Roger Griggs said following the results “These driving habits aren’t just annoying, they are dangerous and some of them against the law. You’re four times more likely to have an accident if you use a mobile while driving in addition to the frustration it causes for fellow motorists” Mr Griggs also said “And with on-the-spot penalties for motorists who hog the middle lane, tailgate or cut-up other vehicles being introduced last year, it highlights just how serious these anti-social driving behaviours are being taken”

See below for Britain’s Top Ten Most Annoying Road Habits-

Driving habit-            Drivers in % from the survey
Using a mobile handset to talk/text            47%
Tailgating            42%
Failing to indicate            35%
Dangerous overtaking            30%
Middle lane cruisers            26%
Last minute braking            23%
Undertaking            19%
Hesitant driving            12%
Being slow away from traffic lights            12%
Jumping the lights            10%