Brexit or no Brexit, Today Team has you covered!

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The EU has announced its plans to help keep Britain moving until we’re in a post-Brexit landscape, whenever that may be – we have an extension of two contingency measures of another 7 months, which allows road haulage and air connectivity to be maintained in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.

Essentially, as Sarah Laouadi, the FTA’s European policy manager, explained, this extension will help bring some measure of certainty to anyone moving goods or services to and from the EU. Find out more about the detail, in this article in

At Today Team, Jamie points out that their job is essentially a problem-solving operation – whatever you need to get to a certain place by a certain time, as a reliable 24-hour courier service, Today Team will ensure that happens.

So, it’s business as usual.

Just make sure your paperwork is in place, and all should be well. The uncertainty continues, but you can absolutely guarantee that Today Team has you covered.

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