Book-ing Brilliant

It’s always a good day for us at Today Team  HQ when we have a request to help a celebrity. Lately it seems to be happening more and more and we’re always happy to assist.

Back in July we had a call to deliver a book urgently, suspicions were aroused in the office as we were told it was very important, not to mention desperately urgent. Upon delivery we realised the delivery was for one half of the Chuckle Brothers! Needless to say ‘To me … to you’ jokes were all around the office that afternoon!

From one comedian to another, early September we received another call for an urgent delivery of a book. Further questioning revealed it was for none other than Jason Manford! The book was being used for an auction at a Charity event and had been left behind at the office. Today Team to the rescue once more, we collected and delivered within 2 hours of the booking being made. Jason and his team were delighted.